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On 'Mad Scientists of Music'

Original, ambitious and very, very different.

Radio Drama Revival

On 'The Wall in the Mind'

Gareth Stack’s masterpiece.

The Irish Times

On 'The Wall in the Mind'

There is much to enjoy in Stack’s drama, from its use of location sound recordings to create a mood of foreboding to the spirited performances of its Irish and German cast

Simon McGarr

Writer & Solicitor

If I were a mobile phone company, or a big technology company, I’d hire him for the Summer and hope to suck the goodness out of his brain

Bernard Goldbach

Senior Lecturer, Limerick Institute of Technology

One of..‘the most original thinkers I’ve spotted on the internet’

Seamus McCauley

Media Consultant

Gareth Stack has a sophisticated explanation of how the social networking page farm draws users in