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I worked as an independent radio producer for a decade, writing and directing documentary and drama series for local and national radio. You can learn about most of these shows and stream them below.



I began writing comedy in college, collaborating on two comic novels and co-creating Trinity's legendary 'Piraña!' magazine.

My first audio comedy was a series of fake tours of real Dublin tourist attractions, confusing visitors with alternate histories and bedevilling fictions. 

Since then, I've developed several radio sitcoms and one off dramas, collaborating with legendary comic performers like Roger Greg and Gordon Rochford.


Beginning in August 2005 with Ireland's first internet TV show 'Technolotics', I've created numerous podcast series on topics like theatre (Reading Plays), video games (Threat Detection), psychology (Psychology in Mind) and comedy ('The Gareth Stack Show Live, Featuring Gareth Stack').

I've also taught workshops on podcasting, radio drama and writing for radio.


My radio dramas are frequently recorded on location, fully voiced by professional theatre & film actors. This helps create genuinely cinematic immersive audio theatre.

These programmes were initially broadcast on Newstalk, Near FM, Dublin South FM and have been rebroadcast on PRX, as well as podcasts like Radio Drama Revival.

As a writer, director and producer I created these programmes under the Sound & Vision funding scheme.

They feature original foley, binaural sound recording and immersive sound design techniques from audio masters like Brendan Rehill.


Between 2014 and 2016 I created a series of packages for RTE Lyric FM's Culture File. These mini-documentaries covered everything from experimental music to virtual reality, the Arts & Crafts architectural movement to radio drama created by and for the blind.

These reports led to a series of collaborations with creators like theatre maker Ciaran Taylor. They also afforded me the change to speak with incredible Irish artists like Amanda Coogan, Adrian Dunbar and Kevin Barry.


My documentaries focus on exploring under examined worlds, from a school where students don't have to go to class, to Irish musicians who create music using videogame consoles and recycled computers.

I record on location, capturing the life and sounds of these unique people and places, and placing them in context using rich sound design and humane insightful interviews.

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